Front-End Web Development

    I've been a front-end web developer for many years now.  My mind seems to be best suited for this kind of area of computer programming and web development.  I love making websites look good and function good at the same time.  I don't enjoy writing complicated algorithms and I know I could never write the software to launch a rocket into outer space or run a self driving car.  But, I do enjoy helping to write web applications that look good and interact with data in a responsive and neat way.

    I started working on websites right before the dot com bust of 1999.  I had the opportunity to work for some very interesting, amazing people and websites.   It was difficult to be laid off not long after there was so much excitement for the world wide web and online commerce.  However, I never stopped thinking about web development and knew it would be big someday.  So, I have been creating websites and working on websites for people ever since.  

    I started out with Dreamweaver and I was pleased to see the clean code that it generated.  Like many developers at the time, I wrote HTML pages using the table tag. font tag, center tag, and other outdated tags.  I could pad tables and use the td tag to position images and text on a webpage to get the job done.  Then, I learned how to use divs and the float attribute as that became more popular and a better practice. Now, there are some exciting new CSS3 properties like the flex property.  The flex box model is even more powerful and useful than the float property when it comes to displaying sections of a webpage in a neat and ordered way.        

    Now that mobile devices are so popular, there is much more support and code available to customize webpages for every device, screen size, and operating system. Bootstrap is can be useful for someone who isn't familiar with CSS and HTML, but I enjoy writing my own CSS and HTML code.  

    Staying on top of this ever changing world, is my job.  I love to write HTML and CSS to give people the best possible experience for as many devices and browsers as possible.  I plan on writing more and posting some links to tools and information that might help other front-end developers.  I might even create a few websites devoted to CSS3 and HTML5.  For now, I will just share with you that front-end web development is my world and I am happy to live in it.  

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